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ECARDS (Beginning in 2018)

In order to provide verifiable certification status and eliminate fraud, the AHA has transitioned to electronic certification cards known as ECards.

Below is an overview of the participant ECard process:

  1. At the start of class, each participant will sign-in to an electronic roster, typically an Excel spreadsheet or directly to the AHA website. The following information must be entered:
    1. First & Last name
    2. Email address (a correct email address is critical in order to receive an ECard)
    3. Phone number
  2. Upon successful completion of class, a link will be emailed to each participant’s email address. If the class location does not have WIFI, the emails will be sent once the instructor connects to WIFI and submits the ECards (could take several hours depending on location).
  3. After receiving the email, each participant must follow the emailed link and instructions to claim their ECard. A brief course evaluation is also included.  Wallet size and/or letter size certification cards may be printed if needed.
  4. Save the email and ECard in a safe location like an archive related to your profession. It can help expedite proof of certification status.  I may also be used to determine when re-certification is due.